Sustainable products and innovations

Innovation and value creation


Pioneering molecular biology and process engineering are the basis of our operations. They help us create new innovations and long-term value for our stakeholders. Our research and development department is dedicated to creating products of the highest standards in terms of price and quality and also focuses on the sustainability aspects of our products for our customers.

As players in the biotechnology arena, we are committed to developing products using modern technologies that are at least as safe as alternatives produced by traditional methods.

Our position on genetic engineering


Genetic engineering is at the core of modern biotechnology. We address the ethical issues related to biotechnology and gene editing very carefully and take any concerns seriously. We are committed to using biotechnology and genetic engineering responsibly to deliver greener products, more benefits for consumers and significant economic benefits.

Roal’s operations are limited to industrial biotechnology. Our products are made using a traditional fermentation process and are not genetically modified. The strains of micro-organisms we use may be genetically modified, but the final enzyme product does not contain the organism’s DNA or other parts of the micro-organism. The Board for Gene Technology (GTLK) monitors our operations.