We value our employees. Our goal is to be a good employer for existing ones and an attractive employer for our prospective new employees.

People and well-being

Ensuring the well-being and equal treatment of our employees is a key part of our corporate social responsibility strategy. We strive to be a good and trustworthy employer and to create a workplace where every member of our staff feels a sense of belonging and inclusion in our working community. Our objective is to recruit the best professionals in their field and provide them with a safe workplace and opportunities for personal and professional development. We value and support the development and ongoing learning of our employees in ever-changing operating environment.

Our company is a great place to work, and the average length of employment at Roal is 8.5 years.

Recruitment and career development


Roal provides its current and future employees a supportive and inspiring working environment. We encourage our employees to develop their professional skills, and we support ongoing learning through internal and external training programmes. We aim to create personalised development opportunities for our employees. Our multinational business provides opportunities for personal and professional development and international career building.


Every employee at Roal has regular meetings with their team leader to discuss how they can develop their skills and knowledge to excel at work, and what kinds of support and opportunities to make an impact are available. These discussions help us to identify and explore the employee’s career goals.

Diversity and equality

We operate in the international market. Our company has partners in several countries in America, Europe and Asia. Our international and diverse working community improves our company’s culture and decision-making, and drives innovations. We are committed to an open and inclusive working environment and welcome people with different skills and backgrounds to join our international team, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and other personal factors.


The principles of equality and non-discrimination are core values and an integral part of implementing the company’s strategy. 46% of our employees are women and 54% are men. We are committed to achieving SDG 5 (Gender equality), including the senior management level.


We are a non-discriminatory workplace and make active efforts to achieve this goal. We train all our staff to identify unconscious thought patterns and look for inspiration from others. Our workplace health and safety committee are responsible for the equality and non-discrimination plans which are assessed every two years.

Workplace safety and well-being

Health, safety and well-being at work are our strategic priorities and under continuous improvement. Our staff actively contributes to creating a safer working environment and better well-being at work. Our excellent safety work has allowed us to reach our target of zero accidents for several years.

Aiming for zero accidents


We maintain the highest possible health and safety standards and we have maintenance procedures and practices in place. We are certified to ISO 45001, which guarantees that our safety management system takes into account not only the reduction of accidents and illnesses at work, but also the prevention of accidents and the continuous improvement of the health and job satisfaction of our employees.


Roal’s 10 Golden Rules for Safety at Work and the 6 Safety Principles of our other parent company ABF Ingredients summarise the principles of safe operation for all our employees, suppliers, and other partners. We also have a framework for identifying and preventing safety risks.

These measures help us to ensure that

  • safety is an important part of our company culture
  • we provide safe working conditions for our employees and suppliers without exception
  • we operate in a sustainable and responsible way
  • our raw materials are safe and meet our quality standards.

We are the leaders of our industry in health and safety work. The Finnish National Institute for Occupational Health has also recognised our progressive work and we achieved the goal of zero accidents in 2022.

Safe handling of enzymes


Enzyme dust can cause irritation or trigger an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals. Protecting our workers is important to us. We minimise the risks of enzyme exposure in our production through appropriate technical solutions, guidelines, and high-quality protective equipment. We follow the guidelines and recommendations of our industry partner, the Association of Manufacturers & Formulators of Enzyme Products (AMFEP) when handling enzymes.


Promoting well-being at work


Experiencing meaningfulness at work is important. Well-being at work is strongly linked to the development of skills, a motivating and supportive atmosphere, a safe working environment, and good health. We pay particular attention to leadership, working practices, and supportive work culture to create a supportive environment for our employees. We regularly monitor our working conditions by conducting employee surveys. These will form the basis for action plans to ensure progress. We recognise that work-life balance has a major impact on well-being at work. That’s why we offer flexibility to help employees achieve a good work-life balance. Depending on the type of work, flexible or adapted working hours and remote working are ways to support our employees’ motivation and well-being.