Our enzyme production facility located in Rajamäki is one of the largest in the world.

Roal Oy

as an employer

Roal Oy


Roal Ltd is a great place to work. Our staff are friendly and professional, we offer a wide range of professional challenges from high-level research to practical process control, modern production technology and a working atmosphere that encourages continuous improvement. Our products help make our customers’ processes more efficient, improve their end products and replace many environmentally harmful chemicals. In fact, our product sales currently have great growth potential.


We are an international company. Sales and marketing of our products are done by an other ABF goup company AB Enzymes, which head office is in Darmstadt, Germany. Sales offices or representation are in over 50 countries around the world. International contacts are part of daily work for many of our employees.


In our opinion, giving individual attention to employees, following through, and providing feedback and information are the most important tasks of supervisors. Therefore, Roal holds performance appraisals with every employee twice a year. We conduct employee surveys and subsequent action plans every two years. We also pay special attention to safe working conditions and maintaining the health and working capacity of our employees.


We have three collective agreements with our employees, one for our blue-collar workers, one for salaried employees and one for senior salaried employees. We encourage our employees to develop their skills and we reward them for doing so.